April 14, 2015 Boston Area Workshop

The Center at Westwoods 6:30 – 9:30pm, $25

Topic: Collective Manifestation and Collaborative Community

melissa wadsworth author of collective manifestation eventFind out how to be an effective co-leader and manifest your dreams for the good of all!

  • Learn about the manifesting shifts empowering authentic collaboration and co-creation
  • Explore the longing to have your dreams supported by a group/community
  • Discover how to harmonize your personal brilliance with others to co-create that idea/project/innovation you have dreamed of realizing
  • Activate a value-based manifesting process
  • Identify the primary opportunities in front of you right now for co-creation
  • Play with creating the foundation of the ideal community

Come with your curiosity and questions. Bring a friend or your group.

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The Center at Westwoods
590 Gay Street
Westwood, MA 02090

April 30, 2015, Women’s Professional Network (WPN) Bellingham

Topic: The Power of Collective Manifestation

7am -9am networking breakfast

  • Learn about the top three societal energy shifts that are leading us into a higher level of connection, collaboration and co-creation.
  • Experience holding heart frequency for well-being of self and the expansion of group connection.
  • Discover how to achieve more expansive manifestation.
  • Become conscious of all the ways in which you are already the co-leaders that daily choose the reality being manifested

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Location: Best Western Lakeway Inn, Bellingham


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