Manifesting Art

Art is Intentional Energy SharedTM
– Melissa Wadsworth

Art is more than something pretty to enjoy, although that is enough reason to own art. Original art is a sharing of energy, of conscious intention, of world beauty. This Essential Elements Art Collection was created with the intention to bring new thought and expanded human consciousness down to Earth – to ground new possibility, new heart unity and light through nature and the human vehicles that we are. So much brilliance is coming into the world. This is one way to see this amazing new energy and light.

DSC02393 (2)

Verdant River Flow 2 original oil painting

fine art by Melissa Wadsworth

Blooming Path original oil painting

turquoise sunset small

Turquoise Sunset original oil painting

heaven and earth

Heaven and Earth original oil painting

All these paintings and many more can be found the Brilliance Unlimited Etsy Shop.