Melissa Wadsworth396-1Melissa Wadsworth is a change catalyst, certified dream coach, law of attraction and dream board expert, creative intuitive, speaker and author. Her vision and leadership integrate her own transformational life lessons, innate optimism, and her commitment to bringing healing change energy to the world.

The thematic thread woven throughout Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community is Melissa’s belief that we have barely scratched the surface of human potential, and that innovative collective engagement holds the potential for wondrous global breakthroughs yet unimagined.

In 2012 Melissa received a surprising intuitive “hit” that led her to create her own intentional community called New Village 22, a group of remarkable women who conduct on-going meditations (from their individual locations around the world). Her latest book is based, in part, on the information and insights that were revealed in these meditations and other intuitive processes.

The founder of Brilliance Unlimited, LLC, Melissa has dedicated her life to exploring consciousness, creativity, and communications in order to support people worldwide in the manifestation of amazing life journeys. Her methods offer a radical shift and uplift for people who feel trapped by the status quo or an unbalanced life, and who desire insight into their unique life blueprint and essence.

Her first book, Small Talk Savvy (Kindle title: The Small Talk Handbook), was based on communications expertise that came from a fifteen-year public relations career, and her own growth as a introvert finding her authentic voice. Seattle is Melissa’s home community.

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