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Upgraded Manifestation Delivery System: An 11:11 Blueprint for Integrating Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Order to Heal Self and the World by Melissa Wadsworth There are energetic forces of love that are collaborating to bring about balanced manifestation in … Continue reading


A World Without Money Video

Michael Tellinger of the South Africa-based Ubuntu Liberation Movement explains the basic premise for his extraordinary vision for a world that works effectively and creates abundance for all — a world without money.


As Tellinger says, “Out of unity comes infinite diversity and abundance.”

The moneyless society he envisions and is taking steps to create is based on “contributionism.” People freely contribute a few hours a week of their talent and skills to help produce what the community needs. His framework is based on sacred geometry and the idea that small towns and communities will lead the way to producing three times what they need, so that they can help other towns and communities meet their needs.

For more information about how the transition to a moneyless society that creates true human prosperity, go to

This is the kind of Collective Manifestation that is possible. I’m always inspired by the bold vision I see around me. People are starting liberation movements undaunted by the task ahead. People like Michael Tellinger are driven by passion and their refusal to let a dysfunctional status quo run by greed and fear imprison the human spirit.

Another interesting article on the end of capitalism:

Melissa Wadsworth is the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community.