Manifestation Cycle Chart

Recognizing clues and symbols of manifestation

The Universe is always giving us clues about the energies that are present for us to work with, as well as about the phase of manifestation we primarily are experiencing. This can help us appreciate, for instance, that we are in an inner phase of personal growth or that we can be outwardly discovering and pursuing our interests and ideas with energetic support.

The chart below outlines some of the key indicators of different phases of manifestation. Find indicators of your own collective manifestation stage. Then try working with the energy using some of the suggestions provided for aligning with the energy of that manifestation stage.

Remember, you and your group or your community are the set designers and directors of what you unfold in consciousness. This collective manifestation chart gives you a way to become more familiar with that which you have already put in place. It is a way of appreciating and acknowledging the different phases of manifestation.

Celebrate the different stages of manifestation

So often we try to rush through our processes, rather than enjoying the journey. Each phase is magical and full of potential. So take a curious and exploratory approach to collective manifestation. Every step is significant, each step matters to the evolution of human consciousness.

This Collective Manifestation Cycle Chart is an updated version of what is in the book.

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collective manifestation cycle



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