What are the virtues you nurture on behalf of humanity and to fulfill your life purpose?

I’ve been thinking a lot about virtues: those personal qualities that I’ve developed and those that I need to develop further. This self-development is in service to my own self growth and life purpose, as well as what I consider … Continue reading

How to BE Your Higher Self As a Portal to World Change and the Maturing of Collective Consciousness

Each time you shift from a low state of being to a more neutral state you are an alchemist raising collective frequency. Focus on building heart energy to uplift your vibration and you do the world a great kindness. When … Continue reading


Being Connected to All That Is means Unconditional Love with Responsibility

Please enjoy this video featuring an Australian Yankunytjatjara Elder and Custodian of the Uluru Sacred Heritage, Bob Randall, that explains a fundamental value system of connectedness. Really beautiful.

When we lose that sense of the inter-connectedness of all things we no longer live deeply, we begin to live on the surface of life, in the life of materialism that has no fulfillment and no enduring power to provide meaning, values or sense of self-worth. We must understand our inherent belonging to All That Is and to honor multi-dimensional reality in order to have compassion and love for self and others that is built on a recognition of service to all that is living. This is a wonderful example of true intentional community.

8 Secrets of Collective Manifestation for 2018

What manifestation is and how we can facilitate BEING the stuff of manifestation, shifts as our perceptions shift. We are human projectors after all. We are the lens, the filter through which what we experience as reality comes into being. … Continue reading

Liberating Your Energy Field for New World Creation

What liberations of energy can you name? Are you conscious of these liberations of your light throughout your lifetime? Personal Liberations Feed the Collective Field Energy, like everything in life builds, expands, reaches a tipping point, lands, and then begins … Continue reading

The Stench of Toxic Masculinity: From the Women’s March to Weinstein and Beyond A New Clearing Energy Rises

What we are experiencing is an immense wave of new energy blowing through the hearts and mind of humanity. The energetic troops have landed to assist humanity and we can all sing a song of freedom about that. The Big … Continue reading


New Moon and Equinox Energies Invite Healing and Hands-On Collaboration

This astrology video for the September 2017 New Moon and the September 22, 2017 Autumnal Equinox is a potent blend of individual healing and getting ready to be of service to the Whole. Worth a listen if you’d like to be more aware of how you can be in alignment with pervasive energy and the evolution of your own truth as it emerges more and more.

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