8 Secrets of Collective Manifestation for 2018

What manifestation is and how we can facilitate BEING the stuff of manifestation, shifts as our perceptions shift. We are human projectors after all. We are the lens, the filter through which what we experience as reality comes into being. … Continue reading

3 Ways Human Interaction Becomes the Mother of All Creation!

Humans ARE creative energy. Humans are creation itself. We are each individually “the Mother of all Creation.” Together, through intentional heart-based interaction, we may engage mindfully in collective manifestation. With imagination, intuition, curiosity and leaps of faith we may birth new perspectives, new … Continue reading

The Most Important Manifestation Tip for the New Year 2016

The old childhood game the Hokey Pokey had one thing right – in any game, including the game of life, it’s important to take one step at a time, and to know what each of your feet and hands are … Continue reading

Why Collective Manifestation is Integrating Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies

We have arrived at a pivotal point in human evolution – the point at which we are being invited to consciously integrate feminine divine and masculine divine energies for more empowered manifestation. For the last 2000 years, we have been … Continue reading

Why Your Life Matters to All of Humanity

We tend to experience existence, our daily being-ness, as separate from others and the greater manifested world. From this sense of being separate, and apart from, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and to doubt one’s influence on the … Continue reading

Tuning Into New Energetic Structure Post Summer Solstice

Last weekend we arrived at summer solstice and are now welcoming new energy and fresh enlightenment potential. There is new vibrational structure. This is a highly energetic vibration aligned with collective growth and with our individual chakra systems. This is … Continue reading

What to do when worry overwhelms you!

Worry, worry. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. We see everything that is going wrong in the world. We worry about changes and all that is unknown in our personal lives. We worry about our future, about children and their future. We desire … Continue reading

How are you aligning your energy?

You embody precious energy. You extend and connect this YOU energy each time you align with a person, a project, an opinion, a choice. So how conscious are you about aligning your energy in a way that is positive rather … Continue reading

Plant Seeds for Realizations That Manifest Throughout This 2015 New Year

At a time in which people typically set intentions about what they will STOP doing … BE a FORCE for good, for opening to your true power. What you personally intend can have a huge ripple effect in your life … Continue reading

3 Tips for Empowering Collective Manifestation Connections

Collective Manifestation is all about empowering an expanded network of conscious connections from within that radiate outward. As a conscious co-creator, you empower yourself and your team/group/community, as well as all living beings, by acknowledging central connection points, as I … Continue reading