Lana Wachowski Humman Rights Campaign Speech: Expanding the Human Heart Range of Reception

This is one of the most authentic speeches I have ever seen. In which all barriers to individual privacy, to remaining invisible, are removed in order to serve others. As Lana Wachowski says, the reality we imagine into one room that is full of love, acceptance, and support, that is inclusive, protective and full of possibility can then gain us access to other rooms of reality that were previously unimaginable, unreachable.

One person at a time, one family at a time, one peer group at a time, one community at a time, we grow and evolve by holding more space, energetic space and actual physical space, for love to flourish. One acceptance point, one acknowledgment point, one open-armed point at a time, we welcome the MORE that is possible. Through each heart-based perspective we ground greater, more expansive reality on the Earth grid. Then this is the new matrix of reality that becomes One World holding more love than ever thought possible. For it is not the mind that holds true expansive potential. It is the heart.

The Individual Heart Beats Into Collective Reality
The heart is a muscle capable of immense expansion. Only as the heart expands can we evolve out of fear-based reality into love-based reality. Let’s choose to end the game of fear, lack, and hate divisiveness. Let’s fully engage the game of courage, plenty, and love inclusiveness

As we intentionally, consciously breath into heart the fresh oxygen of faith, compassion, our willingness to SEE, our care for nurturing the wide spectrum of diverse humankind-hood, only then will what we envision as mental pictures reflect positively what is truly possible on Earth and Beyond.

Perhaps we can then cease waiting for the other shoe to drop, the monster to come out of the shadows, the other side to turn on us. Finally, perhaps, we will learn to trust ourselves, reveal our own demons, and stop loathing ourselves.

At heart we hold the power of acceptance for all expressions of self, race, sex and gender. At heart we RECEIVE what can BE and what we can collectively BECOME. At heart is where we nurture real possibility, fantastic imaginings of wonder and the truth of our divine nature. At heart all meets as One in a field of electric potential.

Heart-Based Sacrifice Equals Collective Love Bounty
What can each of sacrifice personally so that others can better thrive in this world?

Will we sacrifice comfort (physical, emotional, or mental) in order to expand into LOVE? Will we allow the discomfort of giving up an aspect of privilege so that someone less privileged can become more equal? What sacrifice do we invite so that we can then integrate the larger heart light that we carry? Will we accept how all discomfort is an invitation, a kind of welcome mat to our Higher, more gracious and loving Selves?

Seeing one person like Lana Wachowski expand outside her comfort zone is living the expanded heart truth so wisely expressed by her teacher who said to her: “Some things we do for ourselves; some things we do for others.”

We are here to be honest with ourselves and authentic within the collective. We are here to manifest for self development and to collectively manifest for collective consciousness expansion and to awaken to a new matrix of possibility.

Melissa Wadsworth is a futurist, artistic visionary, and the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Intentional Community,

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A World Without Money Video

Michael Tellinger of the South Africa-based Ubuntu Liberation Movement explains the basic premise for his extraordinary vision for a world that works effectively and creates abundance for all — a world without money.


As Tellinger says, “Out of unity comes infinite diversity and abundance.”

The moneyless society he envisions and is taking steps to create is based on “contributionism.” People freely contribute a few hours a week of their talent and skills to help produce what the community needs. His framework is based on sacred geometry and the idea that small towns and communities will lead the way to producing three times what they need, so that they can help other towns and communities meet their needs.

For more information about how the transition to a moneyless society that creates true human prosperity, go to

This is the kind of Collective Manifestation that is possible. I’m always inspired by the bold vision I see around me. People are starting liberation movements undaunted by the task ahead. People like Michael Tellinger are driven by passion and their refusal to let a dysfunctional status quo run by greed and fear imprison the human spirit.

Another interesting article on the end of capitalism:

Melissa Wadsworth is the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community.

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What are the new economy stories?

This video is an example of a new narrative around the economy. There are new stories being created around education, health care, the judicial systems, co-leadership….

What new story are you creating…telling…affirming? What impact will that new story have on Self, on Others, locally, on the planet?

Can we hold space for new stories to unfold without jumping in to criticize them as they are still forming?

Can we allow others to start a narrative that pushes all our socialized, programmed buttons?

How do we truly release the old story while living a new narrative? What are the transitional bridges that we need?

Lots of change, lots of possibilities.