Collective Manifestation provides a blueprint for shifting from a story of individual powerlessness . . . to a story of united liberation, creativity and consciousness!

Each of you is an aspect of the new blueprint for creativity, consciousness, and unity. It is not outside of you…It is you. Together we are the love we wish to realize in all its amazing variations.  

Each person grounds the new blueprint into physical reality by asking: “How do I bring my greater heart” to my talents, gifts, roles and daily life?” “How do I influence collective consciousness from a living foundation of love, light and levity?”

As you allow your own brilliance to unfold, you inevitably connect energetically to like-minded people who also wish to change the world, to create more well-being. This brings new golden possibilities into collective awareness.

You and I are on the verge of changing everything for the better!

The genesis for this book came from an astounding insight that we are meant to fully engage our passions in the world – energetically, intentionally, with expanded imagination and vision.

Despite all the broken social systems and structures we are being invited to newly play with the possibilities of co-creating and co-innovating in service to our personal and collective well-being now and into the future.

Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community is about how heart-centered connections and collaborations are ushering in a new era of stunning creativity, experimental processes, inspired cooperation, and nearly unimaginable progress in all areas of human endeavor.

The mission of the Collective Manifestation is to inspire people and help them see that all is energy, all is energy patterns put into play. When we begin change by playing at the energy level of creation with cohesiveness and high spirit, we manifest the best future for all.

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You do not have to accept fear-based visions of the future. “Winner take all” is the old story. The new dream we are holding heart space for is hopeful and exhilarating. In the new narrative we are unfolding everyone contributes for new realizations of love, peace and plenty – relevant to the environment, the economy, technology, education, property ownership, the arts, and more! We are activating a new reality.

melissa wadsworth author of Collective Manifestation
Understanding that form follows energy, Melissa shows the way toward energetic creation of productive and transformational communities. – Alan Seale, founder of the Center for Transformational PresenceSM and author of Create A World That Works and The Manifestation Wheel

Acting as One Force

When we transform ourselves we transform the world.

All change must come from vital shifts in our own lives. Then we consciously align with others as a unified force for good.

Being in intentional community is to awaken to your innate belonging.

Being in intentional community is about taking responsibility for the vehicles of plenty and possibility right in front of you – your RELATION~ships!

Collective Manifestation reveals:

  • The 11 Keys to Collective Manifestation.
  • The 13 primary energetic shifts impacting the reality we are creating.
  • 5 intuitive processes that align you with your multidimensional potential.
  • Exercises that ensure your group, team or community understand your shared values, pillars of focus and individual needs. This is the foundation that establishes your clear intention to make personal changes and to change the world.

“Collective Manifestation shows us how to manifest dreams and goals through the power of a group.” – Marci Shimoff, Best-selling author of Love for No Reason and Happiness for No Reason

Who are you aligning your magnificent energy with … and where are you leaking precious energy because you’re still listening to your brain and not your heart?

Purchase Collective Manifestation as a helpful and inspiring guide for uncertain times. It reveals that alongside all the changes and breakdowns in our traditional systems, there are beginnings and breakthroughs being born from caring hearts.

New Intentional community is where the impossible is being incubated and realized.

You are the seeders of heart intention, the nurturers of positive vision, the constructors of empowering paradigms, the activators of expanded possibility. We are all one — the answer to our isolation, disconnection and distraction.

Everyone belongs. Every talent, gift and skill is needed.

Collective Manifestation is a loving invitation to discover your wholeness, your unlimited creator self that knows how to lead, connect, innovate, and contribute for positive global change.

Collective Manifestation helps us to envision, define and manifest structures for more enlightened living.”- Julie Umpleby, founder of Diamond Light World

New intentional communities are diverse and inclusive. These communities:

  • Connect online through discussion groups, social media, blogs and newsletters.
  • Come alive through coordinated projects, events, conferences, educational forums.
  • Meet in remote meditation space.
  • Gather in virtual worlds.
  • Are sparked by remarkable innovators and their supporters.
  • Occupy physical space in collaborative neighborhoods, ecovillages, co-housing developments, communal housing, and spiritual centers.
  • Flourish in forward-thinking, heart-centered businesses.

“This book, about manifesting group intention is a blessing to all who take the time to learn from it…Owning and using this book will be a resource like your standard reference book that you’ll come back to over and over again! Bravo.”

– Maureen St. Germain, Akashic Records expert, author of Beyond the Flower of Life and Be a Genie

“How do we attain the community we want? Sometimes, if we cannot find it, we need to create it. This book inspires new ways of looking at community, new possibilities and inspirations that may leave you feeling motivated to create exactly the kind of community that would most satisfy you now, one you might not have imagined.”

Suzette Sommer, social media activist

Get your copy of Collective Manifestation. This books presents group and community blueprints that can help activate brilliant collective dreams, innovations, projects, programs, products and services that move daily life into new realms of sacred belonging and possibility.

Gratitude from the heart!

Thank you to my friends and crowdfunding community angels who generously supported the publication of this book!