Crowdfunding for Collective Manifestation

Gratitude from the heart!

Thank you to my friends and crowdfunding community angels who generously supported the publication of this book!





Grace O’Malley Becky Sisley Tracy Sisley Joyce Anderson
Maureen St. Germain Mary Mallon Mara Davidson Stacy Willoughby
Kim Ayers Thoresen Rosie Dunn Susan & John Dolan Suzanne Anderson
Kristiina Hiukka Paula Russell Gabriele Neumann Spiros Lappas
Barbara Krauss Zita Gustin Janice Williams Theresa Day
Joanie Hirshman Sharlyn Hidalgo Tara Gimmer Brenda Reynolds
Nicole Martin Silvia E. Reed Anna Shatrova Lily & Lee Lei
Margit Crane Elaine Chan India Holden Tina Schaaf
Kris Steinnes Phoebe Patten