What are the virtues you nurture on behalf of humanity and to fulfill your life purpose?

collective manifestation

We are always seeding qualities for the evolution of humanity.

I’ve been thinking a lot about virtues: those personal qualities that I’ve developed and those that I need to develop further. This self-development is in service to my own self growth and life purpose, as well as what I consider a rich source of higher energetic vibrations that I can contribute to the collective at this transformational time.

When you look around, what virtues are observable in the world today – in our communities, businesses, and social and civic structures? Which virtues are we starving for? What do you feel is much needed as an infusion of just the right kind of energy to keep humanity moving in the most wise direction?

I’ve been playing with the equation that intelligence plus love leads to greater wisdom. Intelligence is a mental state of being, while love is the conditioning factor or emotional TONE that transforms mental energy into something new, into an aspirational quality of greater wisdom.

Of course, in this exploration I start with myself. What can I seed within myself that can birth the offspring of intentional energy of intelligence and love?

How about you? What wisdom do you believe yourself capable of nurturing and growing? What virtues we you can intentionally develop in order to better fulfill your life purpose and to experience more life satisfaction?

I’ve put together a chart of some of my thoughts around this. Of course, each virtue or quality is important to develop on its own. Yet, somehow organizing them this way points to one being able to grasp a Big Picture possibility or potential. Each person can use their own strengths and weaknesses in order to develop particular virtues in a focused way.

Would love to hear what  you think. There are no right answers or equations here, only what makes sense according to your life experience and to what aligns to how you want to show up in life. We tend to get so caught up in doing that we forget the hugely important BEING part of manifestation. Yet, it is the BEING that sets the tone for all our outcomes. So BE with more intention.

If you were to create a table of the qualities and virtues you aspire to, begin by considering what feels like a mental quality and what feels like a heart quality to you? Think of Wisdom as the higher purpose or big picture state of being you wish to emerge into. Then what is the higher Wisdom that rises from the holding and expressing particular mental and emotional virtues?

After looking at my chart, try creating  your own chart. You might start by listing the wisdom virtues you would like to develop (column 3). Then what mental and emotional qualities might harmonize to create this virtue as a living reality for you? You could also list what you consider your mental strengths like curiosity, detachment and confidence, and then consider what emotional brilliance, like joy, sympathy or belief, would spark the greater wisdom. Then define the greater wisdom that might spring from that sparkling combination of mental and emotional energy.

Collective Manifestation Exploring Virtues Table:

Intelligence    + Love        = Wisdom of…
Open-minded Inclusive Truth
Curious Passionate Devotion
Courage Mercy Service
Idealism Belief Faith
Caring Appreciative Friendliness
Clear Intention Responsibility Vision
Optimism Commitment Perseverance
Awareness Appreciation Beauty
Imagination Enthusiasm Discovery
Integrity Sincerity Authenticity
Orderliness Tenaciousness Self-discipline
Patience Wonder Dedication
Fairness Kindness Justice
Receptive Generosity Graciousness
Focus Helpfulness Cleverness
Respect Patience Honor
Cooperation Flexibility Unity
Gratitude Forgiveness Peace
Humility Playfulness Reverence
Tact Sympathy Harmony
Bravery Trust Endurance
Humor Understanding Tolerance

After you create your chart, consider how you might apply such virtues to teamwork, community work or the development of cooperative projects?

In this spring season, the elements align to help us know what we are planting in the field of universal potential. I thank you all for all the intelligence and love energy that is manifesting more wisdom in our world.

Melissa Wadsworth is the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community. She believes in our collective power to create the change we long for by aligning our mental intentions with our heart desire. www.collectivemanifestation.com 

How to BE Your Higher Self As a Portal to World Change and the Maturing of Collective Consciousness

Higher Self and Higher Consciousness

photo by Vinh Pham

Each time you shift from a low state of being to a more neutral state you are an alchemist raising collective frequency.

Focus on building heart energy to uplift your vibration and you do the world a great kindness.

When you hold mental and emotional space for the best possible outcomes (that may be beyond what you can imagine) you model trust in your own empowered sacredness.

You are a magician, truly.

Yet, like many humans, you probably discount and ignore all the ways in which you can empower yourself to be the higher version of your Self. It is all too easy for us to fall into smallness, into not enough-ness, and, when faced with immense challenges, to go down the track of despair “that nothing will change!”

What is most important at this critical juncture in human history, is that we create practices for shifting out of the old ego-based ways of thinking and behaving that is pain-based. We must remind ourselves that the ego is NOT designed to elevate the joy and satisfaction of life. Ego merely strives to survive. Joy and satisfaction is a Soul directive.

One of the most conscious and Elevated things we can do is to recognize that soul is leading human evolution – which is now, and has always been, a game of change. So how do we align with High Self rather than ego?

From immature scattered attention to mature intentional focus

Meditation is a great way to practice being your Higher Self. It provides space to both observe ego-mind antics and to quiet the spinning mind.

When you sit in meditation – whether that is sitting in stillness or engaging a guided visioning process – you sit in elevated intention and focus. When you sit in meditation as part of a group (that is in the same room or remotely connecting), intention becomes an even more focused and strong vibration. “I Intend” is a laser directed soul-based virtue that recognizes how to empower and elevate Self and others. Intention is an expression of soul maturity.

When we let ourselves be carried along by surface life drama, by unfocused mass consciousness, we take on the energy of “Whatever!” This is ego level reaction such as in “I can do whatever I want” or “I don’t know what I want, whatever.” Can you feel the immaturity of that? Intention is clear and precise – a direct path. Scattered attention is vague and heavy. It is low-level awareness. So find a practice that puts you in Intentional space at some point during each day. Get to know the Intentional You that you find there.

Simply empowering Self as recognition of responsibility to ALL

Affirmations can ignite your Higher Self to show up and maintain higher states of being. I ran across a beautiful one last week as I was focusing on health: “I luxuriate in Divine Healing Energies.” Such lovely imaginings springboard from this affirmation. Suddenly I am swimming in a healing sea and feeling the warmth of sun and sand.

Ideally, affirmations are used in sync with heart-based action that helps the Higher Self to re-pattern non-serving ego behavior (bad habits, for instance). Re-patterning behavior is an empowered expression of your elevated Self. It is the Self that recognizes that stretching oneself and reaching toward higher potential is a choice, and a responsibility. It is how we express higher Self and connect to All That Is which is always evolving. It is how we act on behalf of Self and the collective. The personal is global; the personal is cosmic.

Understanding that the personal is global means understanding the importance of loving and nurturing the sacred vehicle that is your body. We nurture Self so that we can nurture the World.

Nurture your mind with food for thought. It’s a cliche but we humans have strayed far into mindless distraction that does nothing to nourish the mind. I was watch the animated movie Wall-e the other day and all the overweight people only experiencing life as what was on the screen in front of their faces hit home. Our minds and hearts need to be nourished with quiet, with peace, with harmony, with love, with interaction that matters. We can nurture our bodies with Elevated thoughts, emotions and foods. It all gets digested and processed together. That’s what makes us manifesting marvels.

Creative reception and expression co-creates new culture and a New World

Intuitively receiving (downloading) and Expressing new human designs and blueprints is a soul virtue. That’s why being creative in whatever way inspires you and enjoying the arts is so important to building a new world. In order to explore and engage new possibilities, we need to stop being distracted by lower ways of being. It’s simply a waste of energy.

Being creative and more intuitively inspired on your individual life path affirms that sacred patterns are in play, constantly reforming our perceptions of reality. We are co-creators that are currently trying to Level-UP the human experience. Being creative gives sound, color and texture to what is trying to emerge energetically. Creativity is your Light energy at play. Creativity provides a landing space for potential. Don’t we want to experience more of this?

We are all engaged in collective manifestation at all times. We need to stop seeing the Arts and creativity as a past time and start elevating these activities to the Main Stage! Leaders who want control of the populace try to squelch the Arts. Consciously and  unconsciously they realize that artists of all types – musicians, poets, writers, painters, sculptures, textile makers, astrologists, mystics, gardeners, comedians, actors –  bring about change, see and express the truth. It is our artists that have the greatest power to receive and express the most significant energetic shifts in humanity. We are going forward.

Balance is kindness to Self and in service to the Collective

Balance Your All. Your light and dark aspects, your personal and global aspects. Your ego and unconscious mind will fight you on this. The ego likes excess and too much. It is not concerned with waste – waste of matter or waste of soul purpose. Yet the Higher Self desires simplicity and service that is for the good of all. There is no savior coming to save us. We are the world servers who bring compassion, mercy and forgiveness to a hurting world.

Those dark nights of the soul we each face alone or collectively are our Elevated Selves inviting us to find our true power – to connect to a higher degree of integrity and courage – to clean up our individual and collective acts. The high school kids from Parkland, Florida are doing a great job showing us adults how to Elevate intention, focus, and cohesive group action. They are showing us what response and responsibility are. Response is appropriate action that is arrow-like directed from the soul. It’s inspiring to watch a new generation act from their collective Elevated Selves. It’s a glimpse at the Unity consciousness coming online. It’s an example of the maturing of collective consciousness. Let’s all be part of that.

Melissa Wadsworth is an artist and the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community. www.collectivemanifestation.com


Being Connected to All That Is means Unconditional Love with Responsibility

Please enjoy this video featuring an Australian Yankunytjatjara Elder and Custodian of the Uluru Sacred Heritage, Bob Randall, that explains a fundamental value system of connectedness. Really beautiful.

When we lose that sense of the inter-connectedness of all things we no longer live deeply, we begin to live on the surface of life, in the life of materialism that has no fulfillment and no enduring power to provide meaning, values or sense of self-worth. We must understand our inherent belonging to All That Is and to honor multi-dimensional reality in order to have compassion and love for self and others that is built on a recognition of service to all that is living. This is a wonderful example of true intentional community.

8 Secrets of Collective Manifestation for 2018

Hummingbird tongue showing how to manifestWhat manifestation is and how we can facilitate BEING the stuff of manifestation, shifts as our perceptions shift. We are human projectors after all. We are the lens, the filter through which what we experience as reality comes into being.

Reality is a projection of your vibration, of your consciousness – both what aligns to it and what is experienced as a misalignment. That is why we can talk ourselves blue in the face trying to convince someone of a different vibrational reality and they just can’t “hear” it, they can’t see it. It simply is not their experience.

Dedication and commitment to higher consciousness provides awareness of where the nectar in life is to be found. First you must believe it exists for you. Then you must believe it exists for others too, and that you are not in competition for the nectar of life. The joy, the peace, the satisfaction you seek is present. It is the stuff of hopeful high heart collective manifestation.

Here are a few points that can help simplify how you manifest in 2018. I’ve covered some of this before, but I always find it helpful to restate these things for my own clarity and to provide inspiration to others. Think of it as the nectar I offer to all who fly by.

1. Reality is an inside job. What you are in consciousness (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) is the “material” you have to work with as you create your life. The vibration of your light is like the flicker of a projector light on a movie screen. Your essence, your vibration determines what movie shows up.

2. What flows through each of us, as possibility, as intention, and as ATTENTION is material of New Earth reality. Collective manifestation or reality is not a circumstance we react to. Reality is a reflection of collective belief and programming about what exists and what is possible to exist. In the last year and moving forward, we are collectively being shocked into seeing what we have hidden from ourselves. This happen in segments. As we awaken to more of what has been hidden and horded in the shadows, we can clear it. Then we can hold greater fresh heart space for what we desire to collectively manifest as a reality that is accessible to ALL. You anchor reality in each now moment.

3. You choose in each moment what to create. If you wish to experience something better, start with the VALUE you wish to expand in world. If you want to see more kindness BE it. If you wish to experience more respectful interaction, MODEL it. If you believe your energy matters, pulse out joy, and peace, and love, and understanding. Keep choosing not to be the mean kid on the block or part of the mob. Keeping choosing to reflect on how your next word or action will positively or negatively affect others.

4. Neutrality is a potent manifesting force. Practice neutrality. This is a space of NO stories. Practice feeling and sensing what exits in a space of needing nothing, no particular outcome. What is present there? The mind likes to take sides, to have its way. Yet, the mind is a limited vehicle. When you trust that more than what the mind can comprehend EXISTS and is possible, you have more potential to play with, to align with (even if you don’t have a name for what this is). Neutrality is a high vibration. Trust in it’s potency.

5. Heart flow is the bridge from unseen energy into manifested (seen) reality. Attend to your heart energy and you attend to what you experience in each Now Moment. You manifest from energy. If you believe you need money to get what you want out of life then that will be true for you. Your ego mind will be in charge and will block heart flow from manifesting from any other possibility. As you become more awake and aware you see the ways in which you have been brain-washed to limit the true power of collective manifestation. If you understand and trust that you can magnetize bring into being what you desire then HOW it happens can be very creative indeed.

6. The Personal IS Global. What you manifest for self you manifest as an aspect of collectively manifested New Earth reality. So be aware of how you can make the personal global. If you desire equality for yourself, how does that become equality for all? How does truly loving your life, help others love their lives? We are programmed to feel guilty for having lives we enjoy. Try to release guilt and expand you heart energy so that all may benefit from more loving energy being present in the world. In that way you are always being of service to the Bigger Picture. Love yourself so that the world can be loving!

7. What is broken in our World is Healed by Clearing Trauma and Negativity. Keep releasing old stories, cultural brain washing, societal programming. Just today I released a piece of an old story that I had always felt bad about. Finally, I was able to understand the whole dynamic of trauma and let myself off the hook. If felt so simple. That’s how it is when we finally reach a place of greater understanding. It feels clear and simple and makes us wonder what took us so long to feel the truth of it. I am smiling at this truth as I type.

8. Take steps to Magnetize Magic. All of January I had a cold and little energy. Self care was the necessary focus. In an interesting way this has been healing on multiple levels, and helped me to break some bad habits. In the dreary grey of winter I put hummingbird feeders to magnetize these magical birds into my little sphere of reality. And that has made all the difference! Each day is a new opportunity to see and to attract the magic of the Universe.

As you progress through 2018, remember that there is not one reality. Reality is a co-creation. It is an energetic collaboration. Intend to be conscious at each moment of the energetic essence you are adding to the reality mix.

Melissa Wadsworth is a futurist, artist, and believer in human brilliance. She is the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community, www.collectivemanifestation.com

Liberating Your Energy Field for New World Creation

Manifesting light

Liberating Energy Waves

What liberations of energy can you name? Are you conscious of these liberations of your light throughout your lifetime?

Personal Liberations Feed the Collective Field

Energy, like everything in life builds, expands, reaches a tipping point, lands, and then begins to recede much life a wave that crashes onshore and then flows back into the ocean that is the source of all waves.

If we can look at our own ocean of experience and see the waves, we gain insight into the energy that is us.

Can you pinpoint times in your life where a certain kind of energy was released that opened you to an entirely new field of experience?

I recently looked at my life in nine-year periods and tried to recall key liberations during my life span. One that stood out in my mind was the great release of stress I experienced when I moved away from home to go to college. Though I did not realize it at first, this relocation of my physical form liberated me from the daily stress of living in a dysfunctional household. Such joy I was able to feel in this new state of Being!

Experiencing psychological therapy in my 30s was a further liberation of the stories that were trapped in my energetic field and needed release.

My 40s and 50s have seen further liberations from mass consciousness, from social conditioning around role-playing. Oh all the ways our energy is controlled, dampened and held down from true radiant potential! My awareness and intuition have repeatedly been liberated, layer by layer, to reveal to me new ways of seeing and expressing soul.

Choosing Liberations Brings About Change

What are the personal liberations you are experience or that you can choose? Now is a great time to more consciously consider your personal liberations.

As you, layer by layer, process energetic liberations, you feed the collective energy field. In essence, through personal growth and deeper understanding, you help to “tune up” or “rewrite” your energetic programming – the vibration from which you create or manifest your life.

This in turn helps to establish a new frequency in the collective field of co-creation. From that new frequency we are able to newly manifest in ways that were not possible in the old frequency.

Collective Liberations

Now is a great time to consciously be aware of our collective liberations. Some collective liberations are obvious. The “MeToo” wave of sexual harassment and sexual assault revelations, has brought about the liberation of shadow energy that had preyed on, and controlled women and children for centuries. This much needed release is still in motion, is still landing on the shores of collective consciousness. No longer can we not see this.

Trump and other international politicians are part of what feels like a very backward and upside down wave of energy – creating the sensation for many that we are tumbling in an energetic wave of corruption and greed.

Keep in mind though that this too is a liberation. We must collectively see and recognize all the ways in which we have ignored what has been present all along. This is not a comfortable liberating process, but it is indeed a kind of liberation from “behind the scenes” dealings that have gone on as long as politics has existed.

If we are to co-create a new and better world for ALL, then seeing the powerful release of all the no longer works for the many, can be experienced positively. Maybe not the most enjoyable of liberation, yet liberation nonetheless. Keep helping to bring a new manifesting frequency into play.

As we end this year, mindfully, consciously liberate you own energy.

  • Liberate yourself from the glamour and distraction of the surface game of life. Sense into the unseen energy that gives birth to everything in the seen. There is truth there. Manifest your life from that.
  • Liberate yourself from negative self-talk (just a bit anyway). Meditate. Journal. Write new stories of possibility for self and society. Manifest more consciously.
  • Liberate yourself from societal role-playing that no longer fits, that makes you uncomfortable. Your precious energy matters. Focus on authentically presenting who you are. No longer pretend to be something you are not.
  • Liberate yourself from values that you no longer relate to or resonate to. Tune into your new values and live those – manifest your life from that higher energy.
  • Liberate yourself from the polarization game of “us” and “them.” We are ONE field. What group play could you take part in that affirms this? How powerfully could collective light shine?
  • Liberate your creative self energy. New energy, needed energy, easily grounds through any creative process that enables the mind to take a break. Manifest a new world from a fresh frequency.

During this turbulent end to 2017, liberate your optimism. Let go of what hinders this energy from being felt and expressed. May all these liberations of love, hope and goodwill for all bring us into High Resonance Values and Vision for 2018.

Melissa Wadsworth is a futurist, artist and the author Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community. www.collectivemanifestation.com.

The Stench of Toxic Masculinity: From the Women’s March to Weinstein and Beyond A New Clearing Energy Rises

What we are experiencing is an immense wave of new energy blowing through the hearts and mind of humanity. The energetic troops have landed to assist humanity and we can all sing a song of freedom about that.

The Big 2017 Clean Up

The Women’s March first landed this new energy in our collective midst through millions of footsteps dedicated to showing up for something better than our last presidential election delivered. The Women’s March was but a signpost for what was to come. With Weinstein a “No More” energetic tipping point seems to have been reached, with all the spoken and unspoken abuses of children and women (and men) released in a domino fall of putrid toxicity.

First the dirt is seen, then the clean out follows. More is to come as immense waves of liberation continue to wash through the hearts and minds of us ALL like a collective rinse cycle. This collective wave of energy affects everyone. This is no witch hunt – the very name of which is a nod to burning women deemed uncontrollable. This is an energetic wave that brings to our high minds refreshed standards of how we treat one another. In our hearts we know humanity can do better. It takes these kinds of blasts of revelation, of forced SEEING and clearing for true evolution to occur.

This wash out of toxic masculinity points to the very real possibility of humanity no longer being drug through the mud of collective small-minded materialism, sexual abuse, and structural inequalities. There is much more “coming clean” to be done, yet humanity begins to glimpse a cleaner perception of the harm and trauma the old paradigm wrecked on us all.

How a New Energy Force Is Driving Change

We are experiencing the coming-to-Earth of Divine Feminine Energy. While this may indeed feel “alien” to us, this new energy holds the seeds of solving all the divides we now feel.

This is an emotional shift and release first, then a mental shift. This energy is about shifting out of societies dominated by doing, individual control, mass materialism and legislative and institutional power-over others. This new energy inspires creative engagement around birthing potential from inner strength, intuitive vision and heart-based initiative. This energy is strong and clear, inclusive and diversity-loving. This energy is the new guiding force of human nature. It reminds us that we are vehicles for change, for possibility, for sacred trust.

Needless to say, toxic masculinity and the patriarchy’s control systems are out of alignment with this energy. No longer can the dirt be hidden. The continued passing of legislation against women’s rights, human inequality and ethnic diversity in our communities is a sign of fear around this Divine Feminine energy.

Yet, this matter not, for where the patriarchy and those addicted to that dynamic had energetic support, they no longer do. Instinctively they are reacting to it in predictable ways. Namely, by manufacturing stinking propaganda, dirty lies, and bowel-based action that seeks to convince us that what is so old and so tired and dead already is new again. To not consciously want to be free of this collective shadow of B.S. is to stay stuck in the prisoner mindset that fears freedom, that fears taking responsibility for one’s liberation, and that resists stepping into the unknown.

Most of humanity is aware, at some level, that this energy wave is washing through. No matter individual levels of awareness or mass consciousness, collectively we are in receipt of Divine Feminine. Any attempt to hold onto toxic masculinity and patriarchal control dynamics is futile and no longer energetically supported.

The new wave of energy that has landed is not about female verses male. To stay stuck in an old narrative about what sex does or doesn’t have the power misses the point that the patriarchal franchise is being disbanded and we will soon have all new conversations. That time isn’t here yet, as the dirty laundry is still out to dry. But, I can see it from here.

From Old Dirty Gaming to Sacred Authenticity 

This is a huge opportunity and transformation at all levels of human endeavor. At heart we are attracting something entirely new. This is a new play of collective empowerment in which there are no longer winners and losers.

All can step into greater realms of possibility that were formerly beyond imagining.

Repressed potential can surface. For to liberate women’s strength and power, is a liberation for all humans and a liberation of our collective potential.

Men and women are freshly being invited to be who they truly are beyond role-playing. Guided by Divine Feminine energy, that expands acceptance and allowing, I see a time when individual manifestations of brilliance are appreciated, without requiring anyone else needing to be quiet or to dim their own light.

Can you imagine a world in which we each stand to be seen and heard, without fear of judgment and danger? How different this will be from all the stress and worry that goes into trying to meet some random standard for good-enough-ness or in hiding from patriarchal retribution.

The new potential I glimpse is about women stepping into potential beyond old second-class citizen role playing. At the same time men are able to step beyond (conscious and unconsciously) small-minded, paternalistic subversion of women and their contributions. What a waste of precious possibility this has been. Out damn spot, get out!

As individuals hold the frequency of their true power, as groups assert the promise and potential of true collaboration, as collective consciousness expands beyond the small mind of glamour and petty power-plays, a new reality emerges.

This shift is a vital lesson for humanity. If we didn’t already know it, we are reminded that invisible energy manifests the structure we realize in the SEEN. It is always energy first that brings about change. It is energy behind the scenes that holds the power of transformation and evolution. So even as it may appear all is crazy chaotic on the surface, behind surface life is a cohesive force that is good for all.

I truly believe that our collective frequency holds the seeds of possibility we long for. Awareness, intention, vision, and play in the collective HEART field is key to the manifestation of a new and better world.

Keep releasing the old, for the new, for the better, for what is Beyond Mind but Held in the ONE Heart

As the old stuff gets triggered for release, notice how you emotionally react or respond. Do not confuse personal fear with truth. Just because you experience fear, does not mean that what you are reacting to is a bad thing or ineffective or that change shouldn’t be happening. The Women’s March, the Weinstein effect, and other cascading events are pushed into reality by unspoken collective desire and by evolutionary winds of change beyond our comprehension. The triggering event itself (which can be surprising or confusing) creates the opportunity for energetic expression and emotional release. This is a washing through of suppressed and repressed trauma. Given all that humanity has inflicted on itself and the world, opportunities for us to collectively come clean are priceless.

Keep aware what energy you contribute to any manifestation-in-process. Be aware that we each must first do our own processing and integration, even as events unfold in the collective field of reality.

Most of us haven’t a clue what dynamics are really at play in the collective manifestation. We can only guess as far as our current consciousness can take us. So the mystery of life and our part in that remains highly mysterious. Just keep choosing your contribution to collective conscious. Do you intend love or fear?

I am seeing the following qualities and values being liberated due to the current cleansing wave of energy around patriarchal misogyny and toxic masculinity:

  • Amplification of individual authenticity. No holding back or dimming one’s light, one’s wholeness. The radiance of new values are needed. As women (and men) step up to speak out, men need to listen and to come clean about past behavior. This can be liberating for everyone. We can all expand in consciousness, integrity and authenticity.
  • Movement toward true intimacy. As we progress, we create more safe societal space. We collectively may experience a sense of true belonging, of wholeness that was impossible previously under the “don’t say anything” code that kept women afraid to speak out and men silent in their support of women. Now we can be truer allies, we can practice true consent. I highly recommend reading this article by Laurie Penny to learn what true consent is and how we can all expand our consciousness around this topic that is so vital to both authenticity and true intimacy.
  • Appreciation for women’s gifts, leadership and participation. The time for playing small is done. Women are sensing the sea change. This inspires many to devote themselves to being of service and to being a force of possibility. Women will no longer hold back their true fierceness or any other aspect that is authentic and of service.
  • Respectful and effective group collaboration and participation. The new energy is multi-dimensional rather than linear. It is horizontal expansion and vertical growth. This supports group expansion and diversity. This supports multi-layered participation. As individual ego-driven leadership crumbles along with archetypes like the lone hero, the collective power of group consciousness comes to the fore. We long to contribute to something meaningful, to make a difference using our skills and abilities, to interact maturely and with enthusiasm. We are newly learning how to play respectfully.
  • Collective Consciousness harmony. As uncomfortable as some people are feeling during this transitional phase of human development, it becomes easier to believe that we will get the chance to be new, fully-realized humans. This takes courage on everyone’s part. Hopefully, we will not be afraid of this potential. No one gets left behind as long as we are willing to stand in our truth and believe in our indivisibility.

Simply existing is to hold a vibration necessary to the evolution of self, the collective, Earth and beyond. See the disintegration of old systems, old ways of behaving and thinking, for what they are:shadows of the past. The future is getting fresher and brighter by the minute.

Melissa Wadsworth is a visionary mentor, artist, and author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community. CollectiveManifestation.com for more info.


New Moon and Equinox Energies Invite Healing and Hands-On Collaboration

This astrology video for the September 2017 New Moon and the September 22, 2017 Autumnal Equinox is a potent blend of individual healing and getting ready to be of service to the Whole. Worth a listen if you’d like to be more aware of how you can be in alignment with pervasive energy and the evolution of your own truth as it emerges more and more.

Collective Manifestation by Melissa Wadsworth provides a vision in which fully-engaged individuals unite their unlimited potential to lead, create, connect, innovate and contribute to the whole of humanity for remarkable transformation and global change.

How We Empower Creation When We Shift Into Response Rather Than Stay Stuck in Reaction

DSC04217 (2) smallSo much is in motion these past months. So much has come up for met to feel, process and release. And, new realizations arise weekly. Wow, just wow. Intense AND interesting times we live in!

There is no going backward. We are moving forward quickly. All aboard!

In these times of hotly debated political and social topics, it can feel energizing to be in reaction (at least for a brief moment). Our instinctive sense of outrage can feel righteous and invigorating. So what’s wrong with that? Nothing really, yet it is not optimal. It is old programming.

By immersing ourselves in outrage, by stopping at reaction, we are really lying to ourselves. We convince ourselves that reaction is doing something. Then instead of taking real action, we just get outraged over and over.

This is a trap. A clever trap of the mind, yet a trap nonetheless. It is a trap when it doesn’t evolve to something else – some new insight, some new passion, some new idea about what can be done.

Getting outraged once is great information. It tells us what we are for and what we are against. Getting outraged as a daily fix is a kind of addiction that doesn’t serve our highest good.

In reaction we often stay stuck in judgement. In reaction we may even call up prejudices and biases that limit the expression of our most evolved self (that we didn’t even know where there!). Being aware of these things is a good place to begin, a good place to mindfully Shift. Not a good place to stop.

Three Heart-Constricting and Contracting Aspects of Response:
Reaction limits expression of self.
Reaction is a vortex of emotion that spins, often without real resolution.
Reaction reinforces the sense of separation we feel from others.

Evolving Into “Now What?”
When you are triggered, Shift into response mode.

This is a good strategy whether you are triggered by politics or in your personal relationships. Response has more chance of expanding one’s consciousness and of raising one’s energetic vibration. This puts you in space of expanded heart and expanded personal potential. And, as we know, the personal is the collective. So expanded heart at the personal level empowers expanded heart potential in the collective consciousness field.

You hold more light as an intentionally thoughtful, reflective, and caring person. Instead of going into a contracted energy state, you SHIFT to become open to MORE! More creative possibilities can then appear in your consciousness field. More compassion can appear. More love of others can emerge.

As long as you are contracted energetically in reaction, in outrage and such – you are outside your true Self – that Self that hold the keys for transforming whatever you are in reaction to!

Response requires a pause. A breath. Often a deep breath that expresses “Okay, I see that, I feel that…Now what do I wish to do?”

And in that pause after the stimulus there lies the opportunity for meaningful action. Response involves real choice rather than merely experiencing a hijacked emotional state.
Once engaged and centered we can choose our “Now What?” even if the choice is that there is nothing that needs to be done except disengage from the negativity.

Response allows you to choose where to focus your precious energy in a way that brings out your experience, your gifts, and your light into play. In response you can decide not to take things so personally/ You can choose to take an empowering step or even set an INTENTION for how you’d like to respond in the future.

Three Heart-Expanding and Opening Aspects of Response:
Response makes more room for your more soulful self to show up.
Response allows the heart to unveil a bigger picture at play.
Response empowers the heart-linked-mind to choose effective action.

Reaction is part of the SURFACE Game of Life that is in play around us. It is the epitome of polarization. Us against Them. In this game there are no real winners. This is a true swamp where our energies go down the drain. We are so done with this centuries-old game – it’s illusionary aspects become obvious day after day.

Response is part of the DEEPER Reality Creation – that which we are birthing into being through consciousness. This deeper reality is infused with greater awareness, compassion, creativity and love. From response we direct our energy from a sense of self-empowerment. We are victims no longer, no matter the lingering narratives that linger in the Surface Game of Life.

In this new game of DEEPER Reality Creation we no longer give our inner or outer authority away. We see how everything is an energy pattern of mental, emotional, and physical expression. We see our options. We embrace our responsibility for acting from our better nature.

So what is the energy pattern you’d like to act from?

If you can choose the new energy pattern that IS an expression of the optimal you, What Does That Look Like? What will you be modeling for others? Can you envision it?

These are indeed intense and interesting times. Much of what we are experiencing is highly challenging. Please know that I walk this path with you. I do my own processing around challenges. I have to make choices that align me to growth. None of this is easy.

If you make one choice leading up to the August Eclipse, may it be the choice to focus on the goodness in the world and to then consider all the grand and small ways in which you CAN make a difference. Usually, opportunities are right in front of us when we aren’t distracted, emotionally hijacked or physically overwhelmed.

Try to enjoy the challenges as you more and more speak up as your authentic self. I love you all so much.

Melissa Wadsworth is a visionary mentor, artist, and author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community. CollectiveManifestation.com for more info.


Lana Wachowski Humman Rights Campaign Speech: Expanding the Human Heart Range of Reception

This is one of the most authentic speeches I have ever seen. In which all barriers to individual privacy, to remaining invisible, are removed in order to serve others. As Lana Wachowski says, the reality we imagine into one room that is full of love, acceptance, and support, that is inclusive, protective and full of possibility can then gain us access to other rooms of reality that were previously unimaginable, unreachable.

One person at a time, one family at a time, one peer group at a time, one community at a time, we grow and evolve by holding more space, energetic space and actual physical space, for love to flourish. One acceptance point, one acknowledgment point, one open-armed point at a time, we welcome the MORE that is possible. Through each heart-based perspective we ground greater, more expansive reality on the Earth grid. Then this is the new matrix of reality that becomes One World holding more love than ever thought possible. For it is not the mind that holds true expansive potential. It is the heart.

The Individual Heart Beats Into Collective Reality
The heart is a muscle capable of immense expansion. Only as the heart expands can we evolve out of fear-based reality into love-based reality. Let’s choose to end the game of fear, lack, and hate divisiveness. Let’s fully engage the game of courage, plenty, and love inclusiveness

As we intentionally, consciously breath into heart the fresh oxygen of faith, compassion, our willingness to SEE, our care for nurturing the wide spectrum of diverse humankind-hood, only then will what we envision as mental pictures reflect positively what is truly possible on Earth and Beyond.

Perhaps we can then cease waiting for the other shoe to drop, the monster to come out of the shadows, the other side to turn on us. Finally, perhaps, we will learn to trust ourselves, reveal our own demons, and stop loathing ourselves.

At heart we hold the power of acceptance for all expressions of self, race, sex and gender. At heart we RECEIVE what can BE and what we can collectively BECOME. At heart is where we nurture real possibility, fantastic imaginings of wonder and the truth of our divine nature. At heart all meets as One in a field of electric potential.

Heart-Based Sacrifice Equals Collective Love Bounty
What can each of sacrifice personally so that others can better thrive in this world?

Will we sacrifice comfort (physical, emotional, or mental) in order to expand into LOVE? Will we allow the discomfort of giving up an aspect of privilege so that someone less privileged can become more equal? What sacrifice do we invite so that we can then integrate the larger heart light that we carry? Will we accept how all discomfort is an invitation, a kind of welcome mat to our Higher, more gracious and loving Selves?

Seeing one person like Lana Wachowski expand outside her comfort zone is living the expanded heart truth so wisely expressed by her teacher who said to her: “Some things we do for ourselves; some things we do for others.”

We are here to be honest with ourselves and authentic within the collective. We are here to manifest for self development and to collectively manifest for collective consciousness expansion and to awaken to a new matrix of possibility.

Melissa Wadsworth is a futurist, artistic visionary, and the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Intentional Community, www.CollectiveManifestation.com