New Moon and Equinox Energies Invite Healing and Hands-On Collaboration

This astrology video for the September 2017 New Moon and the September 22, 2017 Autumnal Equinox is a potent blend of individual healing and getting ready to be of service to the Whole. Worth a listen if you’d like to be more aware of how you can be in alignment with pervasive energy and the evolution of your own truth as it emerges more and more.

Collective Manifestation by Melissa Wadsworth provides a vision in which fully-engaged individuals unite their unlimited potential to lead, create, connect, innovate and contribute to the whole of humanity for remarkable transformation and global change.

How We Empower Creation When We Shift Into Response Rather Than Stay Stuck in Reaction

DSC04217 (2) smallSo much is in motion these past months. So much has come up for met to feel, process and release. And, new realizations arise weekly. Wow, just wow. Intense AND interesting times we live in!

There is no going backward. We are moving forward quickly. All aboard!

In these times of hotly debated political and social topics, it can feel energizing to be in reaction (at least for a brief moment). Our instinctive sense of outrage can feel righteous and invigorating. So what’s wrong with that? Nothing really, yet it is not optimal. It is old programming.

By immersing ourselves in outrage, by stopping at reaction, we are really lying to ourselves. We convince ourselves that reaction is doing something. Then instead of taking real action, we just get outraged over and over.

This is a trap. A clever trap of the mind, yet a trap nonetheless. It is a trap when it doesn’t evolve to something else – some new insight, some new passion, some new idea about what can be done.

Getting outraged once is great information. It tells us what we are for and what we are against. Getting outraged as a daily fix is a kind of addiction that doesn’t serve our highest good.

In reaction we often stay stuck in judgement. In reaction we may even call up prejudices and biases that limit the expression of our most evolved self (that we didn’t even know where there!). Being aware of these things is a good place to begin, a good place to mindfully Shift. Not a good place to stop.

Three Heart-Constricting and Contracting Aspects of Response:
Reaction limits expression of self.
Reaction is a vortex of emotion that spins, often without real resolution.
Reaction reinforces the sense of separation we feel from others.

Evolving Into “Now What?”
When you are triggered, Shift into response mode.

This is a good strategy whether you are triggered by politics or in your personal relationships. Response has more chance of expanding one’s consciousness and of raising one’s energetic vibration. This puts you in space of expanded heart and expanded personal potential. And, as we know, the personal is the collective. So expanded heart at the personal level empowers expanded heart potential in the collective consciousness field.

You hold more light as an intentionally thoughtful, reflective, and caring person. Instead of going into a contracted energy state, you SHIFT to become open to MORE! More creative possibilities can then appear in your consciousness field. More compassion can appear. More love of others can emerge.

As long as you are contracted energetically in reaction, in outrage and such – you are outside your true Self – that Self that hold the keys for transforming whatever you are in reaction to!

Response requires a pause. A breath. Often a deep breath that expresses “Okay, I see that, I feel that…Now what do I wish to do?”

And in that pause after the stimulus there lies the opportunity for meaningful action. Response involves real choice rather than merely experiencing a hijacked emotional state.
Once engaged and centered we can choose our “Now What?” even if the choice is that there is nothing that needs to be done except disengage from the negativity.

Response allows you to choose where to focus your precious energy in a way that brings out your experience, your gifts, and your light into play. In response you can decide not to take things so personally/ You can choose to take an empowering step or even set an INTENTION for how you’d like to respond in the future.

Three Heart-Expanding and Opening Aspects of Response:
Response makes more room for your more soulful self to show up.
Response allows the heart to unveil a bigger picture at play.
Response empowers the heart-linked-mind to choose effective action.

Reaction is part of the SURFACE Game of Life that is in play around us. It is the epitome of polarization. Us against Them. In this game there are no real winners. This is a true swamp where our energies go down the drain. We are so done with this centuries-old game – it’s illusionary aspects become obvious day after day.

Response is part of the DEEPER Reality Creation – that which we are birthing into being through consciousness. This deeper reality is infused with greater awareness, compassion, creativity and love. From response we direct our energy from a sense of self-empowerment. We are victims no longer, no matter the lingering narratives that linger in the Surface Game of Life.

In this new game of DEEPER Reality Creation we no longer give our inner or outer authority away. We see how everything is an energy pattern of mental, emotional, and physical expression. We see our options. We embrace our responsibility for acting from our better nature.

So what is the energy pattern you’d like to act from?

If you can choose the new energy pattern that IS an expression of the optimal you, What Does That Look Like? What will you be modeling for others? Can you envision it?

These are indeed intense and interesting times. Much of what we are experiencing is highly challenging. Please know that I walk this path with you. I do my own processing around challenges. I have to make choices that align me to growth. None of this is easy.

If you make one choice leading up to the August Eclipse, may it be the choice to focus on the goodness in the world and to then consider all the grand and small ways in which you CAN make a difference. Usually, opportunities are right in front of us when we aren’t distracted, emotionally hijacked or physically overwhelmed.

Try to enjoy the challenges as you more and more speak up as your authentic self. I love you all so much.

Melissa Wadsworth is a visionary mentor, artist, and author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community. for more info.


Lana Wachowski Humman Rights Campaign Speech: Expanding the Human Heart Range of Reception

This is one of the most authentic speeches I have ever seen. In which all barriers to individual privacy, to remaining invisible, are removed in order to serve others. As Lana Wachowski says, the reality we imagine into one room that is full of love, acceptance, and support, that is inclusive, protective and full of possibility can then gain us access to other rooms of reality that were previously unimaginable, unreachable.

One person at a time, one family at a time, one peer group at a time, one community at a time, we grow and evolve by holding more space, energetic space and actual physical space, for love to flourish. One acceptance point, one acknowledgment point, one open-armed point at a time, we welcome the MORE that is possible. Through each heart-based perspective we ground greater, more expansive reality on the Earth grid. Then this is the new matrix of reality that becomes One World holding more love than ever thought possible. For it is not the mind that holds true expansive potential. It is the heart.

The Individual Heart Beats Into Collective Reality
The heart is a muscle capable of immense expansion. Only as the heart expands can we evolve out of fear-based reality into love-based reality. Let’s choose to end the game of fear, lack, and hate divisiveness. Let’s fully engage the game of courage, plenty, and love inclusiveness

As we intentionally, consciously breath into heart the fresh oxygen of faith, compassion, our willingness to SEE, our care for nurturing the wide spectrum of diverse humankind-hood, only then will what we envision as mental pictures reflect positively what is truly possible on Earth and Beyond.

Perhaps we can then cease waiting for the other shoe to drop, the monster to come out of the shadows, the other side to turn on us. Finally, perhaps, we will learn to trust ourselves, reveal our own demons, and stop loathing ourselves.

At heart we hold the power of acceptance for all expressions of self, race, sex and gender. At heart we RECEIVE what can BE and what we can collectively BECOME. At heart is where we nurture real possibility, fantastic imaginings of wonder and the truth of our divine nature. At heart all meets as One in a field of electric potential.

Heart-Based Sacrifice Equals Collective Love Bounty
What can each of sacrifice personally so that others can better thrive in this world?

Will we sacrifice comfort (physical, emotional, or mental) in order to expand into LOVE? Will we allow the discomfort of giving up an aspect of privilege so that someone less privileged can become more equal? What sacrifice do we invite so that we can then integrate the larger heart light that we carry? Will we accept how all discomfort is an invitation, a kind of welcome mat to our Higher, more gracious and loving Selves?

Seeing one person like Lana Wachowski expand outside her comfort zone is living the expanded heart truth so wisely expressed by her teacher who said to her: “Some things we do for ourselves; some things we do for others.”

We are here to be honest with ourselves and authentic within the collective. We are here to manifest for self development and to collectively manifest for collective consciousness expansion and to awaken to a new matrix of possibility.

Melissa Wadsworth is a futurist, artistic visionary, and the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Intentional Community,

How Beauty Is Needed to Help Humanity Evolve

collective manifestation is beauty by melissa wadsworth

Collective Manifestation Beauty

Our reality is going through a deep restructuring. This can be experienced as many things.

  • You flow between the known and unknown. The day can begin in a familiar way and suddenly you feel lost or disorientated.
  • You may lose track of what day it is (like the days of the week have lost their meaning).
  • You may no longer be inspired by a key organizing thread of your life like your career, a major relationship, or what you thought of as your defining goals
  • “What’s next” may feel just beyond your reach.

Many of us are collectively shaking our heads at where reality seems to be headed. Yet, fear not! All unfolds perfectly.

As cultural and economic system change-maker Charles Einsenstein says in the Findhorn Foundation film Humanity’s New Story, “It’s all perfect, including your perception that it’s all terribly wrong.”

During this deep restructuring of ourselves and life as we know it, awareness and observation enable you to discern what is freshly inspiring you.

Conscious choices are powerful. Collectively, conscious choice become conscious energy structures that tell a new story our hearts are aligned to.

What conscious choices and preferences would like to see integrated into a new narrative of how the world works?

My idea of heaven is global realization that in each new moment we are co-creating new cultural realities and new societal structures that inherently benefit all.

As an active co-creator of our new world, remember that we manifest via personal vibration that is interwoven into collective frequency. Together we co-create in a United Frequency Field. So we should be taking responsibility and great care about our contributions to that field.

Let’s bring it! With clear intension let’s plant seeds of:

  • love and joy
  • compassion and forgiveness
  • wonder and curiosity
  • awareness and discernment
  • vision and intuition
  • imagination and creativity
  • invention and innovation
  • freedom and equality
  • authenticity and transparency
  • diversity and inclusion

These are the hallmarks of the new energy we receive, integrate and embody.

This new creative energy is the antithesis of the patriarchal energy that programmed our former small-mind selves.

The manifesting energy we now play with is aligned to heart wisdom, to healing, to the hunger to be seen wholly and completely as we are, in each moment. This new manifesting energy can birth heart desires, and help us realize the greatness of humanity as it fulfills it’s true potential

Now, as each of us grow into our pure, expanded, heart-based authentic Self, we each become renegades of fresh thoughts and inclinations. Fresh inspiration fuels creativity like never before.

Creativity, in all its forms, is expanding and shifting in our collective experience of life. Creativity is what is necessary to bridge us from one reality system to a new experience of reality. Creativity is innovation and inventiveness, whimsy and cleverness, collaboration and co-leadership. Creativity enables new combinations of interest like art and science to intersect for a more thriving planet.

Even people who have led creative lives are changing the focus of their creativity — inspired to bring in something different — a different vibration that is needed at this time of transition. Exciting stuff! You are part of what is driving this dynamic mix.

So practice deep listening. Listen to yourself and to others. Notice what newly arises on your radar. Play with all the ways you might be open to living your new blueprint.

Melissa Wadsworth is a futurist, artistic visionary, and the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Intentional Community,

The New Story For Humanity Film by Findhorn Foundation

I recommend this film from the Findhorn Foundation that explores the new story for humanity that we are weaving from our understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings, of all things.

A New Story for Humanity Official Trailer 1 from Findhorn Foundation on Vimeo.

So many points of wisdom in this film. I highly recommend it for anyone who believes we each have a role in co-creating a better world of wholeness and well-being for all. As we co-create the story that we live into, let us all lead with love.

Some of the deep heart wisdom and new questions shared in this New Story Film:

  • Will we let diversity shape our world view?
  • Being lost is training for being in the unknown
  • I get to re-decide right know what my purpose is
  • We don’t create a movement, a movement creates us…it moves on its own and moves us
  • Grief fuels the passion for a better world
  • We need low-tech twists on technology
  • Time is not running out; time is coming
  • Money is not key…Life is the defining value
  • We can walk away from “the king”…show we are not interested
  • Society needs the intelligence of citizen support, not spying
  • The subtle realms are part of greater nature…we can find allies here
  • Start to create the world you want with the people you know
  • Align to a purpose greater than the ego
  • Earth has a right to life
  • Young people are looking for grandparents, not parents, who can show the ceremony and initiation
  • Beauty incorporated into science will help us co-create a thriving life
  • There are no national interests, only interests of Earth…of humanity

Melissa Wadsworth is a futurist, artistic visionary, and the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Intentional Community,

4 Styles of Activism; What is Your Activism Type?


collective manifestataion activism style

4 styles of activism

Collective Manifestation at all levels of being

I’ve often talked about how manifestation is both an unseen and seen process. All that ever comes into physical reality first exists as a sacred seed of inspiration, a divine intention,  a blessed opportunity. It comes from within first! It is ENERGY!

Humanity embodies an immense power to prevail, persevere and shift perspective so that we are rightly empowered. Yet how we do that will be different from one person to the next. Even people who vote the same, will have different perspectives and different ways to approach both personal change and changing the world for the better.

Activism On the Rise

More and more people are asking what they can do to change the world for the better. As people feel inspired to make change, let’s stop demanding that everyone be an activist in the same way. This is not going to happen and it greatly limits what is possible to change. Protesting is not the only type of activism, even it seems like the most visible type.

People are not suddenly going to lose all the diverse ways that they prefer to approach life. This is a good thing. Let us set the intention to be ONE of heart while manifesting and being of service to evolved consciousness in the way this most natural to each of us and our skills.

Identify and appreciate your activism style during his powerful transition time of collective col-creation and collective manifestation.

    1. Some people are mental paradigm change-makers. Often these are intellectual stewards who are dedicated to creating alternate social structures and bringing about evolved social design blueprints that will take the place of the old social structures now falling apart. There is much already happening in new economies and new heart-based coalitions led by the intention to transform old social, educational, political structures from hierarchal structures to collaborative and cooperative structures. These are also life coaches and work trainers who help others see their expanded potential. Paradigm change-makers are the co-creators of new mental foundations for positive change (air element). They help evolve our collective thinking.
    2. Some people are inclined be bridge-builders. These are the people willing to take the first step to talk to someone who appears to represent an opposite views. They will dialogue with the intention of gaining more understanding about alternate perspectives. They are those of you willing to believe the best in people and willing to initiate conversations, relationships and programs that support this core belief in the goodness of people, and a belief in our commonalities. This includes mediators, therapists, and process leaders — anyone who takes a kind and considerate approach to their relationships.These are the co-creators of new relationship (emotional) foundations for positive change (water element). They help us collectively evolve emotionally. 
    3. Some people are action activists. For these people nothing less than taking overt action will do. Marches, protests, and mobilizing. These are our community members who will be the first to physically show up in support of a cause, a belief, an idea or a group of people. These people enjoy the comradery and shared experience that action creates. Here in Seattle a Women’s March is scheduled for January 21st in unity with the Women’s March happening in D.C. on the same day. Just imagine the power of such united events. Activists are the co-creators of seen physical changes (earth element). They help us to evolve the effects of our collective actions.
    4. Some people are natural consciousness activators and energy healers. These people understand that all that manifests in seen reality begins in unseen energy. By creating sacred practices, coherent group activities, and global consciousness projects, these people lay the energetic ground for a new unified field. Such people see both the crap that needs to be released as well as appreciate how to ground new consciousness by holding energetic space for new possibilities to emerge. Higher consciousness activators and healers may be religious, they may be artists of all kinds that inspire others, they may influence the health of various physical systems as energy workers. What they have in common is their ability to act invisibly or in the subtle realms (which often goes unrecognized and under appreciated for the good of the whole). These are the co-creators of unseen energetic foundations for positive change (fire element).

Of course, within our individual bodies we all help to ground in mental, emotional, physical and energetic change. So be gentle with yourself and others as we practice believing in ourselves as the seeds of change from which all creation possibilities emerge.

We will no longer wait to see what those “at the top” will do. This is a huge global perspective change that greatly changes how collective manifestation emerges.

Take a breath. It will take time to get used to a non-hierarchal paradigm because the outer world is still playing along as if it still exists. It does not.

 Trust that you will be inspired to participate in the new blueprint we are co-birthing. It will be enough as long as you are willing to be of service, willing to believe you are built for these changing times, and willing to engage reality from the inside out and from the bottom up — like an amazing plant that keeps forever growing in its love capacity! Keep believing in humanity’s growth. 

Melissa Wadsworth is a futurist, artistic visionary, and the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Intentional Community,

Awakening to Our Co-Creative Responsibility Means Getting Kicked Out of Paradise … Momentarily

cat picture, cute cat photo by Melissa Wadsworth

This morning, like most mornings, I let the neighbor cat in. I held the cat lovingly, stroking its soft fur as it raised its face to me, exposing neck and chin for the ritual of me gently rubbing my nails and finger pads along the sides of the cat’s face. This cat would be content to stay in my arms, to make a home there where petting is the rule, where safety always seems to just be. Yet, at some point the cat grows heavy and must be set down.

So on these mornings, as I put the cat down, he complains with a plaintive meow, sometimes not wanting to let go his claws attached to my sweater. This morning I had the thought, “He objects to being kicked out of paradise.” Does that mean it is better to never experience paradise or is getting kicked out the price for existence of heaven on Earth?

I suddenly saw the similarity to human life. We humans also complain loudly each time we are kicked out of paradise. This paradise is the setting where change in natural. Each day we have a new awakening, a realization, and that is the moment we are kicked out of the paradise of remaining asleep, of things remaining exactly the same.

These mini-awakenings are the shock of realizing things are not as we thought them to be. Then the social narrative we live begins to fall apart piece by piece, and the sanctuary of placid belief drops its hold. This is necessary for humans to see more of the big picture, for humans to perceive their greater part, their clear responsibility, in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. This is how we take up new threads of reality.

Being kicked out of paradise is like that moment when we realize that all politics are corrupt; not just the other side, our side, too. Yeoweeee! we complain, taking a swipe at someone else thinking that will ameliorate our pain. “If only I can make someone in the wrong for me needing to wake up I will feel better,” we each subconsciously tell ourselves. We act out like children then who want to continue to play a game (chosen or not in our case), even when we see the game threatens so many humans and beings of nature, in fact Earth’s ability to hold us, to hold human life.

Yet, it is a new day. We can no longer afford to play the same game. We can wake up to the many ways that children are actually bringing in the energy of the narrative we are here to take up. We can wake up to the possibility of letting go our resistance to what needs to change.

For what will happen if Earth stops petting humanity? What will happen when the load of humanity becomes too heavy and must be put down?

Can humanity see that it needs to grow up and realize that being held means taking a role in protecting the heaven on Earth that is enjoyed?

When will collective consciousness reach that point if agreement that the awakenings are the new bliss? The awakenings that are part painful for what must be left behind offer new ideas of security and divinity. These we must be open to and embrace as the new narrative.

Never are we truly left out in the cold; it is merely momentary disruption of our comfort zones.

Our individual and collective comfort zones we must learn to leave in order to ENGAGE what is newly real and possible.

It is then that humanity can take up the bliss of living as aware co-creative beings who experience the disorientation and the joy of leaving what is known for the unknown, because we understand it beckons just as potently for us to enjoy if we but listen to the calls of our collective ONE heart.

Melissa Wadsworth is a futurist, artistic visionary, and the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Intentional Community,

Collective Manifestation Case Study: Infusing Art with Healing Intention

Trophin’s Kidney-Kind® Founders Commission an Inspired Wellness Collection by Artist Melissa Wadsworth

 London, England – April 2017 It’s not unusual for the business and art worlds to intersect. What is unusual is that in a quickly changing and often chaotic world, creativity and innovation are infusing new healing perspectives and approaches into both the business and art worlds as a sign of the cohesive nature of all things.

Gabriele Neumann is a co-founder and director of Trophin Kidney-Kind®, a United Kingdom-based company that develops and markets nutritional food supplements for dialysis patients at In the development phase of her company, she had an intuitive idea to work with an artist friend to develop an art collection that “held” specific healing intentions important to the company and its customers. This would be a wellness art collection

“My partner and I were immediately taken by the art of Melissa Wadsworth, feeling that her work was a fitting reflection of the love, goodness and high vibration we consciously put into every aspect of our Trophin Kidney-Kind® business. Also, we saw how art could affirm the mind-body-energy connection that is particularly relevant to those with chronic kidney disease, “ stated Gabriele, who started Trophin  Kidney-Kind® with life partner and business co-founder Spiros Lappas.

The importance of positive influences 

Gabriele was inspired to commission the intention-infused art after reading Masaru Emoto’s renowned book, The Hidden Messages in Water, that showed through photographic experiments how water crystals are profoundly shaped by positive and negative influences.

Gabriele explained that Emoto and his team researched various aspects of water — water in the human body, water in our daily life, water on Earth. His creative experiments were driven by a deep inquiry: “Does each ‘kind’ of water hold different information, and, if so, can you see it?” To answer this question, he exposed water to different kinds of influences: music, words, feelings, blessings and prayer.

Emoto’s before-and-after photography shows that the water reacts to such “infusions” by rearranging and changing its crystal shape and symmetry. He found the shapes to be either even more aligned, coherent, beautiful and soothing if exposed to loving, soothing and beautiful influences — or distorted and misaligned if exposed to harsh, angry or chaotic vibrations. These ground-breaking results showed the importance of considering what humans are exposed to as positive and negative influence and how we hold that energy in our bodies.

“This information resonated strongly since adult bodies are comprised of about 70% water, and the kidney is one of the most important water organs in our bodies. In our work we knew that the kidneys of dialysis patients experience fluid restrictions. So we focused on how the quality of the water in their bodies becomes even more critical,” Gabriele stated. “As we were creating food items that promote health, including a healthy circulation of blood and water in the body, we began to explore how we might layer all aspects of our business with the intention to communicate whole-system health and healing.”

Health-infused art collection

Gabriele invited Melissa Wadsworth to create a signature artwork collection for Trophin, addressing the quality of water in our bodies and lives. Over the next six months, she created four paintings, infusing her work with “loving intentions and wellness affirmations.” Trophin’s original Wellness Collection includes: “Cellular Rebirth,” “Wholeness,” “Circulation,” and “Elemental Change.” This wellness collection is infused with the following wellness affirmations (good health affirmations) and intentions.

art by melissa wadsworth

Trophin Wellness Collection “Cellular Rebirth”

Cellular Rebirth Affirmation: “Cells hold intelligence. Each cell contains the blueprint for the whole being. When we shine light into every cell and on the body’s ability to heal, we actively take part in this renewal process.”

Intention:Connecting with the element of fire, I intentionally release and surrender all mental, emotional and physical debris from my body and blood in recognition of the sacred process of change.”

The intention and affirmation expressed through the art of Cellular Rebirth allows for a reconnection with the recharging light energy of fire in our bodies and lives.”


art by melissa wadsworth

Trophin Wellness Collection “Wholeness”

Wholeness Affirmation: “All systems work together in perfect harmony for the well being of the whole. Focusing on the seed center of this spiraling energy, I tune into the never ending source of wellness all around me and everyone.”

Intention: Connecting with the element of Earth in my body, I ground divine light in sacred form by loving and appreciating my physical body and wholeness.” This sacred seed of well-being, as expressed in “Wholeness,” creates a connection with the strengthening and nourishing energy of Earth.

melissa wadsworth art

Trophin Wellness Collection “Circulation”

Circulation Affirmation: “Circulation is primary to good health – the circulation of oxygen, blood, nutrients. When active circulation is present in me, the entire human health field is vibrant, uplifted.”

Intention: “Connecting with the element of Air in my body from a high, focused mind, I consciously breathe the intention for perfect flow through all circulation systems.” This intention enhances the connection with the releasing energy of air and the calming, healing qualities of conscious breathing.

Elemental Change Affirmation: “Air, Fire, Water, and Earth represent the powerful elements from which universal balance arises – inside and outside. When these divine forces are in flow, we move through life and health challenges knowing that positive energies are aiding us each and every day.”

art by melissa wadsworth

Trophin Wellness Collection “Elemental Change”

Intention: “Connecting with the element of Water in our body from my high

heart, expressions of love and beauty flow. I trust in the wisdom of my body and the unseen balance that positively impacts artery health and opens energetic doorways of health and abundance”. The intention expressed in “Elemental Change” connects to the clearing and cleansing qualities of the element water in our bodies and lives.

Whole connection and cycles

Gabriele points out that although each painting is specifically connected to an affirmation, each painting also expresses and connects to the other three affirmations. “The four pieces together can be understood as a whole cycle— like the cycle of life—a perfect balance of the four elements within and around us, and there is nothing more beautiful than that,” said Gabriele.

Gabriele and Spiros use the art as inspiration for their business and as marketing visuals that communicate and hold healing intention. Each painting, as well as the whole Trophin art collection, is available as a digital download or postcard. Coasters are designed to transmit positive influences to water.

The idea of these materials is that by consciously looking at the visuals and holding one of the affirmations in your mind or by placing your water glass on the coaster, you invite a positive influence to affect your well-being and health.

Melissa Wadsworth is an Etsy artist at Brilliance Unlimited, and the author of a non-fiction book about the world-changing power of online and face-to-face intentional communities, titled Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community. More information at

Trophin Kidney-Kind® biscuits were specifically created with renal dietician specialists to enhance the life of dialysis patients. These high-protein/high-energy biscuits are a healthy, delicious, risk-free snacking option, that aids in better compliance and nutrition for people with Chronic Kidney Disease. For more information go to:

#   #   #

Melissa Wadsworth is an artist and author focused on bringing healing change to the world through the power of conscious communications and intentional creativity.

Gabriele Neumann ( is the co-founder and director of Trophin Kidney-Kind®, a United Kingdom-based company that develops and markets nutritional food supplements for dialysis patients at


*Emoto Marasu’s water-crystal-photography

je Hidden Messages in Water, by Emoto Marasu


3 Ways Human Interaction Becomes the Mother of All Creation!

Humans ARE creative energy. Humans are creation itself. We are each individually “the Mother of all Creation.” Together, through intentional heart-based interaction, we may engage mindfully in collective manifestation. With imagination, intuition, curiosity and leaps of faith we may birth new perspectives, new consciousness and energetic structures that can hold new possible realities.

If this all sounds very high-minded or ungrounded, know that each day we can activate, access and ground this innate creation potential in simple ways:

First, the more diverse and inclusive our interactive circles of play, the more access we have to expanded mental, emotional, physical possibilities and the more we are able to understand and address global issues directly through the strength of united intention and spirit.

Alternately, when we play in the same pools of energy without expansion or diversity, we get the same kinds of results and creative output, which we already see are not enough to address complex, compounded issues.

The human tendency is to limit our circles of interaction.

It seems simpler, more enjoyable to hang out with people who think like us. There is a benefit to having personal, and group/community-based intentions that connect us to people (who we are aware of, as well as with people unknown to us) who align with the specific goals and perspectives. We can perceive this as being focused or coherent. Yet, living in a digital age, we can now see that often what we create are echo-chambers – minds, voices, opinions that generally agree with us.

These echo-chambers become the “echo” of reality we co-create and “live” day-to-day. We think of these connected energy group reality as our comfort zone. Within these like-minded circles we believe we understand how others think, what motivates them. Yet, by doing this we are limiting field of play and possibility.

Trump is an interesting example of this. While he took his ego show on the road and “spoke” to groups of people unlike him  as a rich, privileged businessman, he actually promotes limiting circles of interaction. Hence he suggests registering and deporting Muslims as “others” we should not interact with and limiting access to America by Mexicans.

And, it appears, he is elevating the prominence of his inner circle – his family – in his role as the  next President rather than truly expanding his interactions to a larger group of people who can bring in different expertise and perspectives. He doesn’t seem to desire “admitting in” any viewpoint but his own. This anti-evolutionary. This is anti-potential.

In our polarized world it’s important to be highly conscious of expanding our engagement with one another, especially people who think differently from us, if we wish to be more inclusive and diverse.

From linear to multi-dimensional

Secondly, we can acknowledge that life is multi-dimensional, rather than linear. We can liberate our programmed minds and play with the idea that conscious creation affects multiple levels of existence that we are both able to see and that are invisible – mental reality, emotional reality, physical reality, cosmic reality, energetic reality.

If you think of your circle of interaction and influence like this diagram, your view of energy is rather flat.


Collective manifestation energy is not linear. It behaves like a torus, bringing in multi-dimensional spheres of connected energy that can come into play to expand possibilities. Networked spheres include connections to many circles of energy in play at the same time. Each “crossroad” is an activation point where new possibilities can emerge.


Our small circles of reality are being shaken up and opened up! That means we either open our hearts to change and expansion — sensing into the new flow of creative energy at our doorstep….or we resist the shake up and experience it as highly disruptive and unwanted. We each choose our experience of this invitation.

Will you to continue playing small? Or will you agree, however reluctantly, to engage the new reality playing field?

All the “sister” women around the world who will be marching on Saturday January 21st, the day after the inauguration, are saying “Yes” to the power of expanding one’s circle of play. They are saying “Yes” to putting faces to the energy dynamics that exist yet are not readily seen in all geographic locations.

These marches are a great example of collective manifestation that is the mother of all creation – of creativity that multiplies. There will have multidimensional energetic effects on sexism, social justice, activism and many other areas that I am not aware of. There will be new movements that arise, new intentions sparked and additional groups will be formed to funnel the forceful energy that these marches create. Intersection is a powerful technology that humans can use to create a better world.

Wow we Integrate “Other” through intersection

Thirdly, we can accept the invitation (our golden opportunities) to expand day-to-day reality. This includes our being able to allow differing opinions, “conflicting” perspectives to co-exist.

In the past, we may have been able to pretend we were part of the “majority” or a “minority.” We were able to segregate ourselves according to how we believed and according to lifestyle. With transparency being the key word for 2017, only the most stubborn can pretend this is still an organizing structure that works. These false separations are breaking down so that new narrative structures can emerge to hold expanded consciousness.

We are global and global diversity exists everywhere. If not in your physical neighborhood, than it exists in your city or on your computer. Most importantly, globally diversity exists in the heart-guided mind. And, as more individual people are guided by the heart-mind (as opposed to shadow side of ego-mind), the more global consciousness is integrated.

2017 and beyond

In 2017 we are being asked to expand the players we co-create consciously with. Now is the time to invite others we think we aren’t aligned with into the reality play we co-create. Intentional collective manifestation is how we will resolve conflicts and become more unified as humans harmoniously co-existing with other beings on planet Earth.

Recently two organizations brought together Alabama Trump voters and California liberals for discussions. This was an experiment in civil conversation that largely succeeded and indicates that people want to communicate with one another. It is perhaps reflective of the human need for connection, the need to be heard. We can connect through respect for others and through sincere attempts to understand others

Stories like this feel like huge intersection points in the evolution game. Post election people took to their corners. There has been lots of social media rants to the effect of: “Those people who voted differently from me are disgusting!”  “Those people don’t understand me!” “Stupid people, they don’t know what’s good for them.” “I don’t understand how anyone can be so backwards in their perspectives!”

In order to move toward inclusive, multidimensional conflict resolution, we can each do personal growth work that includes the following:

  1. Acknowledge that being in the presence of conflicting opinions and hard feelings feels upsetting, awkward, and even other-worldly. You perhaps liked the play you had going and your part in it (maybe that is privilege). As you feel your feelings…
  2. Ask yourself how your judgements apply to yourself. If I judge others as disgusting, what parts of myself do I feel this way about? There is a man on my Facebook feed that often calls out “victim mentality.” This certainly is part of his personal growth work around this issue. Looking at your judgements is a way to remind yourself that all is a reflection of your feelings for self (about how you fit into the world…into the scheme of things) and your own potential. Racists want to limit the liberty of others because (inevitably) they themselves feel limited in some specific way or in total (not being awakened to their own gifts and potential). They feel chained to the reality they experience. We can always…
  3. Get curious about how your little narrative can become a transformative or more expansive. Accept that you are more creative than you ever thought possible.

Transitioning into greater understanding

Transitioning into greater understanding is the way to hold a larger field of reality, to allow differing perspectives in, knowing that it is all creative energy. The more creative energy you let into your field of play, the more you have to work with.

So go ahead invite in the alternate reality you are currently resisting. Remember that the law of attraction tells us that if we focus on resisting what we don’t want, we only get more of that. What we can’t comprehend or have not experienced in small circles of reality, we can reject or be in resistance to. So we have to become expansion itself. We have to be expanded heart, open mind, and a point of physical reception.

As humans who manifest, we must be willing to let others manifest differently and we must observe manifest differences without getting our egos all bent out of shape. It’s all in the Mother of Creation Mix: a little of this, a little of that. As every human has experienced, nothing goes in one direction all the time. Tides ebb and tides flow. The merry-go-round of life goes up and down.

When we wake up our collective curiosity, imagination, and intuition, we are better able to move through fear and confusion and better able to understand the diverse aspects of reality that are able to seed new heart-based intentions. Then we actively and more effectively contribute to an empowered reality coming into form, even as the old reality play falls apart.

Small circles of inclusive, multidimensional, and diverse conscious reality can hold great potential to have amazing ripple effects in the Universe. Know that you are part of that, that you help to uplift humanity. Together we are the Mother of All Creation.

Melissa Wadsworth is a futurist and artist, and the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Intentional Community.

Healing Our “Nasty” Rape Culture and Disease of Sexism Together


So many women, and men, are being triggered by the national conversation around sexism, sexual assault and the rape culture that pervades all aspects of society here in the United States and, I suspect, worldwide. What was denied and ignored in “polite” company refuses to hide any longer.

Now is the time to acknowledge what women have endured for centuries. Now is the time for every “nasty” woman who has been shamed, blamed, and disempowered by inappropriate and disrespectful words and harmful actions of men to speak to this issue. Now is the time for men to stand up for women and stand up to a culture that seeks to make them perpetrators of violence and derogatory behavior. Together we can declare:

“Enough! No longer will I stay silent about my own experiences. No longer will I watch this happen and not speak up. No longer will I support spoken and unspoken cultural rules that put men’s comfort level (and the maintenance of their positions of power) above the safety of women, and women’s right to respect. I intend to support other women as we collectively heal our culture of rape and sexism.”

Like the millions of the women coming forward with their stories of rape, molestation, sexual assault, sexism in the workplace, and general atmosphere of degradation and belittlement, I have not one but many stories. The creepy teenage neighbor who tried to get in my pants (I was eight), the public shaming of their female “neighbors” by the “boys” on my college dorm floor, the near rape as a twenty-something (saved by an attentive roommate who burst into the room), the sexualized environment where I waitressed, the surprise groping attack in broad daylight as a friend and I walked, the boss who would touch his groin as he talked to the women in the office. This is just the highlight reel. It goes on and on. It includes the disempowering daily slights that hardly register in our collectively numb consciousness.

Until now many men perhaps didn’t get the depth of this cultural sickness because they have not experienced it first hand or they refused to admit to the prevalence of attacks against girls and women because they feel this is a statement against their manhood, their honor, and their ability to keep their children, wives and sisters safe. Obviously when you have millions of women reporting their experiences, you also have millions of men perpetrating these types offenses – so men feel inherently implicated.

Women have not had the luxury of choosing whether or not they wanted to be part of the collective narrative of violence against women, of sexism in the workplace, of an unsafe society that pretends it cares about women – that it is modern and evolved – while debasing women as a form of entertainment.

I believe that many men don’t fully understand how a woman feels when she is confronted by sexism, groping, molestation, rape. When violence, sexual harassment or sexism happens to you, you are stunned, you are shocked!

All your instincts scream for you to report the person, call the police, yell at them immediately, tell someone. And then all your cultural programming kicks in. This culturally brain-washing around men’s hierarchal power in our culture tells you to down-play it, ignore, don’t discuss it with others, excuse it, blame yourself, laugh it off, and be quiet about it because who is going to believe you. Or else you’ll be blamed, and told it’s your fault, you’ll be dismissed, you’ll be the one to suffer the consequences.

And, if your cultural programming is not enough, then you can be sure that the perpetrator will remind you of what will happen if you open your mouth, say anything, think of reporting them.

This great cultural sexism sickness has created stereotypes that trap women (and men) in roles without souls. It has perpetuated false narratives and rules for being male and female. Our cultural sexism and rape culture has conditioned the public consciousness into accepting violence and debasing behavior against women. Violent actions and words often masquerade as sex, making it acceptable to project the violence onto women as their shame, as something they “asked for” and secretly want.

Silence has made this possible, silence has won…until now.

The clearing of the collective consciousness

A great wind is blowing all the debris of sexual assault and violence through the American consciousness and beyond.

A startling wind of awakening is blowing away all the status quo acceptance of belittling and demeaning words meant to prop up male ego, and to scapegoat women for every lack that men personally feel or collectively fear. Even our elections here is the United States show us all the ways that we so easily blame women and hold them to a different standard.

A clearing wind of healing is showing us where and how the patriarchy used “control over” to maintain power, and to keep women little and quiet.

What is acknowledged can be looked at and healed

Now, that our united cultural sickness has been fully revealed we can each participate in its healing. Blame is not the point. Naming the sickness and its symptoms is the point, so that it can be fully recognized and treated like any disease that affects mind, heart, and body.

As it is with all healing and clearing of dysfunction and limiting beliefs, it starts with the individual. As individuals we can:

Only when we begin with ourselves can we heal the greater dynamic. Now is the time for humans to stop treating themselves and each other like there is something fundamentally wrong and unfixable about humans.

Only by admitting to ourselves and to others how American society has perpetuated the abuse, belittlement and disempowerment of women through every societal structure, can we begin to find appropriate solutions.

Only by allowing open conversations around this topic to in a way that produces individual awareness, civil protections, and true high regard for women in our communities, will women be able to stop holding their collective breath in fear. Now is the time for humans to stop abusing the energy fields, bodies, emotional well-being and spirits of others.

Only when we protect women through our collective intention, will, voice and action will we protect the Earth. As long as fear and hate of the creative power of women is upheld, we will see that reflected in our relationship with Earth.

Only by choosing to actively take part in the healing of this great cultural wound can we each find our own true voice, our true values, and our heart-based connection to others, to all that is.

Melissa Wadsworth is the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community