Guided Meditations

Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints forcollective manifestation guided meditations Creating Intentional Community offers several guided meditations to help your group, team or community to align as a cohesive energetic force. Below are links to audio recordings of these Collective Manifestation guided meditations.

Enjoy these gifts from New Village 22 to you!

These meditations were recorded by New Village 22 member Gabriele Neumann of Earth Heart Living.

Meditation #1 from page 58 of Collective Manifestation.

This is a meditation to help you release what is holding you back from your true potential (a fear, worry, guilt, or sense of unworthiness) and to release that which is no longer of service to you (relationships, energetic connections, old beliefs, etc.)

Meditation #2 from page 156 of Collective Manifestation:

This is a foundational meditation if you intend to follow the meditative visioning process for your team, group or community. This meditation will help you to begin group visioning play that helps to align your hearts, and to link up in the energy field.

Meditation #3 Grounding Meditation for Community Building: A gift from Gabriele Neumann

This lovely meditation will help you ground and feel centered. The more grounded you feel, the more able you are to “receive” new energies, to process them, and to understand how to work with them.

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